*DX RESOURCE* Marine SSB Operation by J. Michael Gale

Recommended by a number of DA-RC members who double as boating enthusiasts, a tremendous book for marine radio enthusiasts is one by J. Michael Gale titled: Marine SSB Operation.

This is a paperback guide to single side band radio and ocean communications, produced in the United Kingdom by Fernhurst Books with 96 pages of valuable content.

9781898660408-usLittered with colourful illustrations, this awesome shack DXcessory explains how SSB works, how to choose and install your station, how to operate it and also how to get your operator’s qualifications.

Topics covered include:

  • Why SSB?
  • What is SSB?
  • The Radio Spectrum
  • Short Wave Propagation
  • Licensing & Installation
  • The VHF Band and its relationship with SSB
  • The GMDSS
  • Distress, Urgency & Safety
  • Routine Procedure
  • Satellites
  • Other Services
  • CB and Amateur Radio
  • The International Phonetic Alphabet
  • Important GMDSS Frequencies
  • And more!

logo_lg_sq_15658Numerous versions of this great book are available on eBay for approximately $20 AUD.