*DX NEWS* Marcel’s QSL Collection

Dedicated Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) member PD5MVH / 19DA109 Marcel has assembled an ultra-impressive collection of QSL confirmation cards in recent times largely due to his ‘obsessive like’ attitude towards dx adventure!

Islands On The Air (IOTA), Lighthouse on the Air (LOTA), Portable (/P) and Home Station cards feature strongly in the incredible QSL compilation with Marcel’s fondness of islands, lighthouses and picturesque coastal seascapes, as well as delicate sea creatures like seals and mollusks, clearly evident in the imagery.

Included in this lot, which was forwarded to Oceania Headquarters for scrutiny, is the magnificent QSL design by 16DA101 Max at ON5UR Maxi Print for Marcel’s recent IOTA DXpedition to Schiermonnikoog Island.

You can read about Marcel’s many exciting DX-capades on the DA-RC website or work him in the flesh on some of his dx adventures which will no doubt be some of the most exciting features of 2014!