*DX RESOURCE* LZ3HI-Gold Print Service

LZ3HI-Gold Print Service has a special relationship with the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC). This company designs and/or prints a number of our club’s QSL cards and the results are always of a very high standard; at a great price too!

In addition to offering customers large runs of 1000+ QSL cards, LZ3HI-Gold Print Service specialises in small runs of 50 or more.  This is ideal for mini-ped or holiday operations in particular which make fewer contacts and therefore require only a limited amount of cards.  It’s also convenient for home based ops who enjoy limited airtime, for ops with more than one callsign, for special radio events such as contests, etc.

In addition offering some of the best QSL confirmation cards for ham, cb, 11m and SWL hobbyists, LZ3HI-Gold Print Service also designs and prints advertising or business cards.

The company also offers a QSL Manager service.

Placing Orders

This is possible by email.

Customers are required to provide the following information when placing orders:

  1. Type of cards (Example: Type C1)
  2. How many cards (Example: 1000)
  3. Your callsign and country where the cards will be sent (Example: LB9JE – Norway)

Of course, it’s also helpful to provide your club’s logo, details about any infos you want listed on the front or back, as well as a selection of sample images in high resolution too.

When the QSL design is ready, you will receive instructions about how to make the payment.  The print period starts after payment has been received.

Payment Methods


*If you are using PayPal please add 4% tax over the prices


*If you prefer sending your money to our bank account please add 6 EUR to the prices (this is the tax we have to pay for each incoming bank transfer and it’s calculated for payments up to 100EUR)


*If you are using Western Union transfer http://www.westernunion.com/ the prices are final.

Please note that on all QSL cards there is a small advertisement like “Printed by www.lz3hi.com” or something similar.  Those who wish to not have this advertisement on the cards must add 25% to the price.