*PRODUCT REVIEW* Linemaster Clipper 632-s

Under the pressure of high-rate contesting it’s important to have your hands free to adjust the settings on your transceiver, operate a keyboard, write with a pen when logging QSO details, or even just to pick up a drink to wet the throat; all, that is, without losing your rhythm on the mic and/or interrupting the pile ups!

An obvious solution here is using a boom mounted or headset mounted mic, in partnership with a device on the floor beneath your shack bench-top that provides PTT (Push to talk) functions when depressed with your foot.

That brings us to the subject of this next product review……the Linemaster Clipper model 632-s.


Manufactured and sold by LINEMASTER Switch Corporation in the USA, the Linemaster Clipper 632-s is a rugged footswitch, designed predominantly for medical and industrial equipment. 

It’s also used by a growing number of serious ham and eleven meter band contesters.

All Clipper models come with adjustable strain relief connectors and offer “Push on Push Off” action through a molded nylon actuating cam mechanism.

While this model is a single pedal only, the 632-S Twin model consists of two SPDT switches. 

Both come in a stylish and durable black finish which fits well with the colours of other ham radio gear.


Weighing in at 1kg and being 41⁄2″ × 31⁄2″ × 11⁄2″ in size, the Linemaster Clipper 632-s is a heavy duty foot switch that, in my opinion, is built like a world war II German maus tank.

Cast iron housing and a non-slip base pad give it a steadfast and rock-solid feel and, unlike some other PTT foot switches on the market these days, there’s no need to ever chase it around the floor as it stays right where you put it.  

Even if the item is placed on tiles, carpet, lino or laminate floor boards.

Two holes on the base, furthermore, provide for rigid mounting to floor or equipment yet I’ve never found them necessary.

In contrast, I‘ve used the Heil FS-2 foot switch and while it worked adequately, the slim design and light weight made it prone to sliding and I was often left feeling around for it with my toes beneath the shack bench top mid QSO.

Unlike the Heil version, the wide treadle model of the Linemaster Clipper 632-SC3 offers a massive 17.8 cm target for my foot. 

This exceptional feature makes it difficult to miss the foot switch under the pressures of furious contesting and provides a comfortable resting place for my size 9 sneakers too.

Another impressive feature of the Linemaster Clipper 632-s is the noiseless click when the switch is depressed for modulation. 

The effort required for this foot action also is a little more than effortless which again gives the impression of robustness.


I’ve owned one of these PTT (Push to talk) units for some 20 years but only recently dragged it out of the cupboard again after a move of house. 

Glad I am too as the memories of participation in some of the old Alfa Tango World Contests on 27 MHz frequencies came flooding back.

While Heil produces a couple of different foot switches especially for the ham radio market, you really can’t beat the professional grade Linemaster Clipper model 632-s which easily lends itself to PTT DX.

My Linemaster Clipper has worked like a dream as a PTT foot switch for all this time without once disappointing me.

Over the years, I’ve upgraded every piece of gear in my shack but always held on to my Linemaster Clipper, probably for this very reason.

If you fancy a professional quality footswitch that does not budge or crack under the strain of repetitive foot depressions then do not hesitate to look at the Linemaster Clipper product line. 

In addition to being a proven performer in the field of contest DXing, the cost of the item won’t break the bank either, retailing for anywhere between $50 AU second hand to $100 AU brand new.

For more information on the item and the complete range of Linemaster products, visit the company’s website at http://www.linemaster.com

Alternatively, if you want to try your luck second hand then check out e-bay.