*HAM RENTAL* Le Calao, Senegal

The Republic of Senegal (6W) (64 division) is a DXCC in Western Africa and home to the Le Calao Rental Shack which is situated on the small coast at Somone, 70 km southeast of the nation’s capital, Dakar.

Located on the 1st floor of a small independent building in the Le Calao Resort, this 13×13 ft room is designed for ham radio activities and can accommodate 4 or more DXpedition team members at any one time.

qsl-senegal12m above sea level on a wide 1.4 hectare block only 500m from the Atlantic Ocean and with terrific 360° yagi take-offs, the Le Calao Rental Shack is just a stone’s throw from the centre of the Lebou village and all the necessary facilities for any visiting dx adventure team such as shops, restaurants, shopping, and more…

At dusk or at early dawn there is a picturesque view of the lagoon and of the surroundings from the tower flat roof which is also the ideal spot to watch the birds that fly overhead.

In addition to providing a fantastic ham rental shack, the resort is the obvious starting point to go punting on the lagoon or hiking through the baobab forest on the tann.

Well aired and equipped with 2 fans, the shack’s fitted out working surface allows the layout and running of 3 stations in no time.  Setting up new cables and electric wires can easily be achieved, leaving the entire working surface free to operate.

shack 031

The shack has been especially designed to allow quick modifications such as setting up an extra antenna or connecting an additional cable from outside. Power supplies are located on the lower shelf, right under the transceiver.


There are antennas on two poles at nearly 45 ft above the ground.  The first tower, which is a 2/3 foot triangular profile, very close to the shack mainly supports:

  • 1 monoband yagi 3 el. ITA for 21 MHz
  • gain is 9,1 dBi
  • 1 VHF/UHF vertical collinear

The second tower, a one foot triangular profile at 50 ft from the shack, is holding:

  • 1 monoband yagi 3 el ITA for 28 MHz
  • gain 10,3 dbi
  • 1 monoband yagi 3 el ITA for 14 MHz
  • gain 9,1 dbi,

On the field at 150 ft from the shack is erected the V80 Titanex for low bands (40, 80, 160) and WARC with the matching box holding out full kW.


Period Week-end Full week
Shack and lodging for 2 persons and ONLY 1 operator + 1 Kenwood TS-870 300 € 620 €
Extra for the 2nd opérateur
+ 1 TX (Kenwood TS-50 ou IC 706 MKII)
+ 70 € + 110 €
3 operators ou more quotation on request
Ampli ACOM 1011 500 w CW/700 w SSB 75 € 150 €
Electrical generator:
in case of power cut, we can start the generator at the following conditions:
the first 2 hours/day are FREE; then we ask for a 1€ contribution per hour; it is nearly less than the gasoil cost.


More Info

  • Shack 025Shack Name: Le Calao Rental Shack
  • DXCC: The Republic of Senegal (6W) (64 division)
  • Station: Kenwood TS870S, Kenwood TM133, Daïwa 32 A, Alinco DM-330MV 32 A Power supplies, 2 x RM 20 A, Yaesu G-1000 SDX and Emotator 105 TSX antenna rotators, Acom 1011 amplifier

Contact Details

  • Email: info@le-calao.com
  • Phone: 00 (221) 339 58 51 31
  • Website: http://www.le-calao.com
  • Booking: A 40% down payment is required when booking. The reservation is registered as soon as we get this account.  Bookings must be confirmed and the balance paid 45 days before the arrival date. See: http://www.le-calao.com/A/formulaire_R_A.htm
  • Address: Le Calao, piste des Aigrettes, Somone, BP 06 Ngaparou (M’Bour), Senegal