*2014 IWI-Kend NEWS* GC IWI Tour, Day 1

Attention reference hungry IWI enthusiasts!!!  Please see below the initial proofs and visual diary of Team 43’s efforts on Day 1 of the popular 2014 IWI-Kend with more material, including videos, set to come in the coming days…

Despite frustrating conditions on the 11m band, the Aussie team of experienced dx adventurers thoroughly enjoyed themselves from two of the Gold Coast’s spectacular inland water islands (IWI) on October 4 for Day 1 of the 2014 IWI-Kend!

The chance to take in some of the more perfectly picturesque waterway sites of south-east Queensland, hidden within the Nerang River, was an extremely positive experience.

In addition to plenty of CQ DX calls on the Heil Headset (with PTT), 43DA102 Geoff and 43DA001 Darren enjoyed the opportunity of only ‘occasional band openings’ to test out a variety of antennas and transceivers.

These included antennas such as the Skyrex by renowned antenna engineer 9/1SD019 Alex, the MKI Station Master and more.

Rigs were by Yaesu, Dragon, ICOM, Codan and military transceivers.

Despite operating as QRP (5-10 watts) at times due to limitations of the 850 watt GMC generator, the Skyrex antenna on a brilliant NBS Mast some 10m above the ground, delivered some whopping 5/9 signals into the Americas on the strategically constructed and uniquely shaped Macintosh Island (IWI-009).

Later on in the afternoon, the vertical Station Master MKI stick, military backpack whip and long wire successfully conquered Asia, Oceania and Europe in the late afternoon from the Isle of Capri (IWI-008).

Big signals were noted from a large number of Aussie operators situated in various states and territories of Australia.  

43WA44 in Western Australia, 43WR916 Rick on Tasmania Island and 43BDU001 Brian in Queensland were among them.

43DA162 Brett was also heard on backscatter from his DXstination on Ballina Island (IWI001), some 200 kilometres away.

153RS777 Jan, 9LD505 Dwayne, 17WD040 in the Hawaiian Islands and the Romeo Charlie Club Station on Bora Bora Island (201RC000) in French Polynesia were belting through also.

From his home in the Kingdom of Thailand, 153RS777 Jan was able to work both IWI stations!

In addition to all those guys who dropped in to say hello, 43DA102 Geoff and 43DA001 Darren would like to thank the IWI-Kend organizer 14DA028 Phil for making this awesome dx adventure possible!