*QSL* 1 Division Italy

Cinque-Terre Italy

Our Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) has a number of outstanding 11m DX operators residing in the Italian Republic, in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, most of whom are very active on the Freeband DX front.

Here’s your chance to obtain one of the epic new QSL designs for this DXCC with the arrival of a brand new design from 1DA011 Luca, from ElevenFour QSL Designs, arriving on the doorstep of our EU HQ in recent times.

In addition to conventional traditional DA-RC branding, this flashy fresh model exemplifies the southwestern European country’s highly diverse and eclectic range of architectural designs.  Some include the Colosseum, the Duomo of Milan, the Mole Antonelliana in Turin, Florence cathedral and the building designs of Venice.

For members in Italy wanting to purchase some of the cards, please contact 104DA102 Syl via email at 104corsica@gmail.com.