*DX RESOURCE* Island Fever by Rob Jones


If you’ve ever dreamed of mounting a DXpedition to a far flung part of the world, yet it has never come to pass, this book could easily be a trigger for something closer to home.

Packed with potential IOTA activations, low noise environments, spots with a large body of saltwater on the doorstep, Island Fever is a great book.

Britain is an island nation with hundreds of smaller islands off the mainland shores, each with its own distinct character.

rsgb-colour-logoWritten by Robin Jones, Island Fever provides an insight into the some of the islands of England and Wales.

There are forty chapters in this full colour hardback book covering hundreds of individual islands. Each chapter provides an insight into the islands covered in both text and pictures.

From Marconi’s activity on Flat Holm in the Bristol Channel in 1897, through historic Lindisfarne, to the WWII Red Sands forts, this book is packed with interesting stories.

Post_Office_EngineersThe glossy pages host nearly 300 top quality photos which highlight some of the well known and many lesser known scenic parts of the British Isles that may well tempt you into that DXpedition you’ve promised yourself.

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