DX NEWS* It’s Back – The Island Festival

An announcement was made recently that a new version of the ‘Island Festival’ will take place on the first weekend of June, 2020.

This event, traditionally, has always been heavily supported by the Dx Adventure Radio Club with many members, across a large number of DXCC, taking to the airways from an island to promote the concept of Islands On The Air (IOTA) action that our club is famous for.

With the majority of the world’s 11m DX groups supporting the re-invigoration of the ‘Island Festival’, including ours, we are calling on all DA-RC members to support it next year so as to cement it on the DX Calendar for the years to come.

The most preferred type of participation for us, given the theme of our club is ‘dx adventure’, is putting together a small team to activate an island or 2 over the Festival weekend. 

Alternatively, you can activate one by yourself!

The efforts of decade long DA-RC Member 14DA028 Phil and others have been a catalyst for the re-emergence of this great event which maintains its previous format devised by the WWRO in most ways, but with the addition of a number of new key aspects…

One of which is a new ‘QSL Buro Service’ to lessen the burden on Island operators and simplify the task of confirming rare island contacts by bringing the process under one umbrella.

Please check out all the details of the ‘2020 Island Festival’ at the links below, including rules & guidelines, participation categories, dates, times, frequencies, referencing, types of islands accepted, buro coordinates, contribution and much more.