*DX NEWS* IRC Issues & QSL Exchange


Have you ever tried to pay for something with an elapsed credit card? 

Were you given the product by the salesman?  

Have you ever attempted to go to your favourite sporting event with an access ticket from the previous year? 

Did they let you inside the stadium? 

Have you ever tried to take a bus with an expired ticket? 

Did the driver allow you on board? 

No?  Why not?

For International Reply Coupons (IRC’s) it’s just the same. 

These small greeny blue coupons issued by the postal authorities have an expiry date also and cannot be used by a QSL Manager, or anyone for that matter, to reply a QSL card if the date has passed.

Again, the reason is not because the contribution is not sufficient enough to ensure a QSL is returned because IRC’s are indeed an appropriate form of standard contribution. 

More so because the validity date on the coupon has expired and the contribution is no longer valid.

The only option for the QSL Manager then is to offer them to someone who collects IRC’s.

Either that or start the fireplace or the BBQ with them so as to cook food for friends!

My advice is that if you have a collection of IRC’s in the radio shack desk drawer ready to insert in your QSL packages as contribution, then you need to check their expiry date before you end up having none of your replies reach the box.

Those in possession of expired IRC’s could try to negotiate with their local post office for swapping 3 expired IRC’s for 1 valuable one. 

It might work!?!?!?!?

Thanks for your attention.

73 de DA-RC HQ