IOTA-365 is a new, year long contest, for DA-RC Members only with some great prizes.

No islands event is more demanding than IOTA-365; none is more unsympathetic assessment of an 11m Island Hunter’s determination; his ability to chase and accumulate island contacts over an extended period of time; his knowledge of island nation frequencies and operating culture; and much, much more!

Commencing 1 January 2021 and concluding on 31 December 2021, IOTA-365 extends for a whopping 365 days; one where every second — of every day — of every month — counts as island DX potential and a moment spent away from the mic is an opportunity missed.

Atolls, coral and sand cays, islets, N/V IOTA and standard islands — EVERYTHING COUNTS — except IWI!

Open only to DA-RC Members, IOTA-365 also takes in the long running Islands Festival in June and the 11m Oceania Contest in January; events which represent fabulous opportunities for IOTA-365 participants to cash in on the large number of islands active on the band at this time.

Check out all the infos by clicking on the relevant link in the right hand side menu and download your log there!