*MEETt* 1DA046 Michele

Involved in the sphere of 11m radio comms since 1986, illustrious DX Hunter 1DA046 Michele became the first DA-RC affiliate from the Republic of Italy in January 2014.

Positioned in the city and commune of Macerata in central Italy (1 Division), the capital of the province in the Marche region, 1DA046 Michele is a regular feature in the logs of most big DXpedition stations, including those carried out by his friends in the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC).

History shows that Michele’s QTH is one of the most fascinating cultural hubs in Italy.  In the central Piazza della Libertà, for instance, is the Loggia dei Mercanti with two-tier arcades dating from the Renaissance.

There are a number of striking palazzi also, mostly along Corso Matteotti, including Palazzo dei diamanti.

Next to the Loggia dei Mercanti, Corso della Repubblica leads to Piazza Vittorio Veneto where, in the Palazzo Ricci, there’s a modern art gallery.

Another museum that’s definitely worth a visit is Palazzo Buonaccorsi where you can see the amazing Eneide Hall (a gallery with paintings and frescoes from the 18th century) and the Carriages Museum.

A former Alfa Tango member (ex-1AT046), 1DA046 Michele balances his participation in the DA-RC family with the famous Knight Patrol DX Group where his callsign since 1989 has been Kilo Papa 830.

An ICOM enthusiast with an IC-751 All Mode HF Transceiver, SM-6 base microphone and 600 watt amplifier on the shack bench top, one of the most supreme things 1DA046 Michele finds with the hobby is the tradition of exchanging QSL cards with radio friends.


On this note too, he has an amazing collection with 260 DXCC confirmed at this time, the most recent being 202AT/0 from the Kingdom of Bhutan, a  rare landlocked DXCC in south east Asia located at the eastern end of the Himalayas.

Above the roof of his residence on the boot-shaped Italian Peninsula, 1DA046 Michele loves testing out delta-loops (See above) and other types of antennas.  Some 315m above sea level, and with an ultimate performing antenna, it’s not surprising his results behind the mic are outstanding!

In addition to an interest in antenna theory, Michele enjoys the high adrenalin realm of contesting.  Back in 1988 he won the AT Marche Contest, which is always a hotly fought out affair!

Downtime for Michele consist of enjoying fine food and wine, watching movies, reading books and travelling.

In fact, he was active as 187/1AT046 from the African Great Lakes region of East Africa for 10 days back in the mid 2000’s and has his sights set on some more classic dx adventures with the DA-RC in the near future.

When the bands are closed, however, you can catch this proud DA-RC member sometimes on social media where he enjoys keeping in contact with radio mates all across the globe!

QSL Information

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