*DX NEWS* Indra with NEW Monster Yagi

Wonderful news for island hunters on ham and 11m bands is that Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) member YD6HHH / 91DA803 Indra on Indonesia’s Sumatra Island has purchased a new monster yagi which he hopes to have up in the air this weekend.

With the help of his mates in the RAPI of course!

Procured at a respectable price from a fellow family member, this fabulous antenna is a homemade 5 element monoband type for 10/11m which was delivered on August 30 — not by truck or van to his home in the North Sumatra Province — but by rickshaw!

Also known by a variety of other names such as bike, taxi, velotaxi, pedicab, bikecab, cyclo, becak, trisikad, or trishaw, a rickshaw is one of the most popular and traditional modes of transport in the Republic of Indonesia and the PERFECT method of transport for an antenna of this size, as the photograph above suggests.

Congratulations to YD6HHH / 91DA803 Indra on the acquisition and good luck on the bands from your fellow DA-RCies!