*DX NEWS* * DA-RC Sponsored Prizes Arrive

Our Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is delighted to learn that a number of recent sponsorship efforts, supporting our members’ various project management initiatives, have come to fruition!

Courtesy of some of the world’s premier 11m DXpeditioners, a number of images have appeared on social media in recent times showing off some pretty cool prizes — all donated by the DA-RC or its various supporters too!

2015 IOTA Directories, published by the world renowned Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB), for instance, were just some of the fantastic prizes up for grabs in the 2014IWI-Kend, snapped up by sublime IWI DXpedition men like 14DX064 Romain, 14DX010 Olivier, 14RC001 Stéphane and more.

These were sponsored by DA-RC HQ Oceania and awarded to the first three DXpedition teams — guys whom are obviously overjoyed with the superb shack resource as is evidenced by the photos shown on Facebook (See above).

On top of that, there’s been antennas, QSL cards by Top QSL and more in recent times!

Keep a look out in coming weeks for some exciting announcements of upcoming events and YOUR chance to pick up some more magnificent prizes courtesy of the DA-RC!