*PRODUCT WATCH* GB 27-2elm Quad

Serious DA-RC DXpeditioners are always on the lookout for a new antenna solution; one that is light weight, quick and easy to assemble and provides sufficient gain to access major DX Markets.

One such antenna is the ‘GB 27-2elm Quad Light Model’ which is made and sold by GB Antennes in the Netherlands, a company which has been on the scene for almost 30 years, for €199.95 (tax included).

This quad antenna is made for the 11m and 10m bands and, based on the specs, would be an ideal dxpedition antenna.

Fiberglass elements, an aluminium boom, a weight of just 6kg and a transport box of 1.8m make it perfect for transporting to islands for IOTA, for portable/field use, and/or on an airline for longer travel to more remote DXstinations.

The ‘GB 27-2elm Quad Light Model’ also comes with a warranty of 12 months.

A quick read around the hobby forums also confirms very positive reviews indeed from those guys whom have added it to their antenna collection.

To obtain one of these terrific dxpedition-purpose antennas, check out the GB Antennas website at https://www.gbantennes.com or send an email to info@gbantennes.com .

The company does send worldwide and does offer travel insurance too.


  • Fiberglass elements: 2 parts — Blue 14mm / Yellow 12mm
  • Turning Radius: 1.80m (5.9ft)
  • Boom Aluminium: 2.00m x 30mm (6.5ft) ( 2 parts) square
  • SWR: 1:1:1 on 27.555 Mhz / 1:1:3 on 28Mhz
  • Gain: 7.5db
  • F/B: 25db
  • F/S: 25db
  • Weight: 6kg (12lbs) (Transport weight 8kg (16lbs)
  • Windload: 90kn
  • Power Standard: PeP/500W
  • Power: 3kw PeP/1500W with special connector (EXTRA to order Quad parts (59,95 euro)
  • Mast mounting: 50mm (2′)