*DX LINK* Islands Base Online (IBO)

Created by 161EX038 Wlodek and administered by a dedicated team of IOTA experts (such as 13DX056 Uli, 14DA028 Phil, 14DX181 Marc and 14DA911 Eric, etc.), the Islands Base Online is a precious commodity for 11m Island Hunters and DXpeditioners alike and delivers many valuable infos during island events.


For Island DXpeditioners, the confirmed islands and groups section is particularly helpful when selecting new IOTA DXstinations as it enables the DXpeditioner to find out the history of that particular island or group on 11m.


There is even information on 2 types of DXpedition antennas, 161AT080 Jarek, perfect for IOTA DXpedition teams!

The Islands Base Online database consists of three types of islands:

  1. “IOTA” – islands 100% according to R.S.G.B. rules
  2. “N/V” – islands located at seas, but NOT VALID according to R.S.G.B. rules
  3. “IWI” – islands located at rivers and lakes, i.e. INLAND WATER ISLANDS.

Another interesting feature of the Islands Base Online is that Islands On The Air (IOTA) enthusiasts are also encouraged to cooperate with the IBO team and share island information.

In return, access to the database is sometimes given, enabling serious IOTA enthusiasts to make updates of their own (add new islands, update, delete, etc.).

For more information on this beneficial online resource, please visit the following URL: http://www.islands.upway.pl/ .

Islands Base Online