*EDITORIAL* Hunting 113 Division, West Malaysia

EU and OC based DA-RC Members report that Peninsular Malaysia, also known as West Malaysia (113 Division), has been quite active in recent months on 27 MHz by way of a number of local operators, venturing across from the official amateur bands.

113MB447 Mie, 113MB190 Arie (Pictured right), 113AT101 Deen (Also 113MB101) and 113LR107 Elias have all been logged in recent times by DA-RCies within the 26—27 MHz SSB domain and fortunately these guys appear to be committed to continuing their 11m operations in the years to come.

For many 11m DX Hunters, though, 113 Division remains an elusive Asian DXCC find; one which sets hearts racing and the VFO in over-spin whenever a 113 div station is spotted on one of the world’s clusters.

For many years, in fact, West Malaysia was what many might call a ‘ghost DXCC’, as quiet as the dark blue, forested peaks of Banjaran Titiwangsa, the Peninsula’s main mountain range.

Thanks to the operators above, however, this predicament has now changed and the southeast Asian DXCC is now an accessible AS entity for 11m band enthusiasts.

In addition to the recognised International call frequency which is 27.555 MHz USB, DX Hunters are encouraged to investigate the official West Malaysia call frequency which is 27.325 MHz USB.

According to 113AT101 Deen, this is where you might find a number of 113 Division operators engaged in local QSO or monitoring the frequency.