*EDITORIAL* Hungry Tide…A Challenge for Kiribati People

This next article is contributed by 224DA001 Tamuka from Tarawa Atoll and is a little left of centre, nonetheless, one which every member and non-member should read…

The Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) has a number of members based in the remote Kiribati Islands, hobbyists who will confirm that many islands in the central Pacific Islands group which are dispersed over 3.5 million square km, are at risk of being swallowed up by rising seas caused by climate change.

A movie, which premiered at Australia’s Sydney Film Festival in June 2011, titled ‘Hungry Tide’, captures this plight and deserves special mention on the DA-RC website. 

It is a personal story about a Pacific nation on the frontline of climate change.

Here is the synopsis: The Pacific nation of Kiribati is on the front line of climate change.

Sea level rise is threatening the lives of 105,000 people in this vulnerable and forgotten corner of the Pacific.

Maria Tiimon, a Kiribati woman living in Sydney, has the task of alerting the world to her sinking homeland.  

The film follows Maria from a small Sydney high school to the world stage.  

Shy at first, we watch her gradually grow in confidence as she takes her country’s message to the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, and a year later to Cancun. 

Copenhagen ends in failure, and evidence emerges of Australia’s’ complicity in silencing the Pacific nations.

Back in Sydney Maria receives troubling news.  

Via the crackly CB radio link to her home island she finds out that that her beloved father is very ill.  

She must return home immediately.

Meanwhile in Kiribati storms have damaged sea walls protecting entire communities.  

The urbane President Anote Tong, acutely aware of these problems, claims his government lacks the resources to fix them.  

The eventual relocation of his people is inevitable, he believes: “we have to assume the worst”.

Please watch the movie trailer at http://thehungrytide.com.au/trailer/ as this will give you the best idea of what is at stake for the Kiribati people and their island homes.

You can also read about the movie makers, Kiribati History, climate change, the characters and more, and also see a marvelous gallery of Kiribati images at http://thehungrytide.com.au/ .  

You can also buy a copy of the movie.