*EDITORIAL* Holiday-Style Dx Adventure…

The DA-RC defines a ‘holiday-style’ dx adventure as one where radio operations are not the sole purpose of a visit to a DXstination.

Radio ops, instead, occur on occasions when the travelers are not engaged in traditional holiday or vacation type activities.

The extent of ‘on-air’ activity, therefore, is at the sole discretion of the traveler (or his YL and family if they’re also on the trip) and dependent on his schedule.

For some guys, this will be hectic, for others not so much!

This sort of modus operandi is in contrast to high-pressure, high-cost, high-octane activity where the intention of the itinerants is to log as many stations, on as many bands, as possible.

Labeling one’s activity as a ‘holiday-style’ dx adventure, however, does not imply that the quality or standard of the operations will be relaxed or substandard.

Nor does it imply that systems such as QSL exchange or Managerial-ship will be laissez-faire.

Quality of station, dxpedition Codes of Conduct, reconnaissance efforts and logistics (i.e. the activity of organizing the movement, equipment, and accommodation), in fact, are just as important to a ‘holiday-style’ dx adventurer as they are any other dxpedition team; guided only by the number of participants, the bands targeted, and the remoteness of the DXstination.

For members of the Dx Adventure Radio Club, including ‘Hams in the DA-RC’, the concept of ‘holiday-style activity’ perhaps leans less towards the ‘holiday’ experience and more towards the on-air activity but, again, this is at the discretion of the traveler and his sabbatical’s itinerary.

The great thing about this style of operation, nonetheless, is that you can be flexible with your hours of operation and flexible with your style of operation (i.e. rag chew/DX pileup), while still enjoying the experience of radio operations in an exciting location.

73 de Darren, DA-RC HQ