*DX NEWS* Heil Reintroduces Old Classic

Exciting news for radio ops who like to incorporate studio sound with their transmit audio is that Heil Sound has reintroduced its famous Heritage microphone.

Pictured above and below, this is a stylish dynamic mic with a vintage look that is equally at home in live sound, recording, and broadcast  applications.

The Heritage now comes in two finishes; chrome with blue, and black matte with blue.

The fashionable chrome finish is a special ‘show chrome’ where the steel body is copper plated and then double chrome plated producing a deep chrome finish.

A moulded internal foam windscreen inside the grill covers the Heil dynamic microphone element mounted in a specially tooled rubber shock mount.

Standard 5/8” – 27 microphone stand threads allow The Heritage to be mounted on booms or floor stands also.

For more information, on how you can purchase your new Heritage microphone, please visit the Heil website at: http://www.heilsound.com/amateur/products/microphones/heritage

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