*REVIEW* Heil PR10 Microphone Bundle

The Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) has appraised numerous Heil Sound accomplishments over the last 15 years, essentially celebrating their kit as the quintessential dx accessories for the serious ham or 11m station.

These have always been some of the most well-read articles on our website too.

From mic booms to speakers, from headphones to the range of PTT options, we’ve covered many Heil Sound products in our Reviews and Editorials, thanks to the contributions of our Headquarters Team and global membership of hams, freeband and citizens band radio operators

In this article, we take a look at the company’s magnificent PR10 and scratch the surface of a new bundle which now appears on Heil’s retail shelves.

For me — whilst the DX-tensivity of the Heil Sound range is something like a never-ending pleasure trove — it’s the microphones themselves which deserve the ultimate accolades.

The Heritage; the Gold Line; the Finn; the PR40…with others…represent years of top tier recognition in the hobby’s audiophile community.

This next product deserves the same consideration also.

Lovers of that professional, warm, studio-sound audio are strongly encouraged to check out Heil Sound’s latest PR-10 mic package as, again, this recent product release really nails it!

And by package I mean multiple products in one sexy ensemble.


The Heil Sound bundle under the microscope here includes 3 pieces that combine beautifully:

  • A PR10 microphone
  • A boom arm; and
  • A lighted PTT base.

As you’d expect with any Heil product, the craftsmanship of all items is outstanding.

For starters, the PR10 mic is made of durable materials and is designed to last for years, providing consistent and reliable structural performance.

As seen above, the PTT platform comes in a black and/or red LB-1 table base with both shack options being what I’d describe as equally sexy to the eye!

The sleek and sturdy base features an LED-backlit transmit status light, PTT control, and an adjustable 8” mic boom to bring the mic up to a comfortable operating position.

The light emitting diode illuminates the face and ring of the LB-1 base and can be adjusted to either continuously glow, illuminate only while transmitting, or be turned off with the three-position switch located on the right side of the base.

Like their popular CB-1-PTT base, the LB-1 base has an 1/8” jack on the back and includes a 24” pigtail to interconnect the base to the proper CC-1 XLR series connecting cable.

This cable is required to interface with your brand-specific transceiver however it will need to be purchased separately as they’re not included in the package.

The LB-1 requires 2 AA batteries for illumination.


Online sound files indicate that Heil’s small but very powerful microphone effectively summons the magic of the audio gods and delivers it to your radio in the form of enhanced voice transmission and crystal-clear comms.

Featuring a full 1 1/8” diameter dynamic element, the PR10 provides outstanding speech articulation with a perfect equilibrium of highs and lows, and excellent clarity and performance across a wide range of rigs.

This compact microphone also features a wide frequency response, providing a wholesome, natural sound.

  • Output Connection: 3 pin XLR PR 10
  • Generating Element: Heil Dynamic
  • Frequency Response: 85 Hz – 16 kHz
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Impedance: 600 ohms balanced
  • Output Level: -55 dB @ 1,000 Hz
  • Diaphragm: 1 1/8” Low-mass aluminium
  • Weight: PR 10: 12 oz LB-1: 22.5 oz
  • Finish: Black Satin Epoxy

Please note that the PR 10 is a dynamic element microphone, and these are generally not recommended for pairing with Icom radios.

I strongly advise Readers to check out Heil’s Product Compatibility Guide to determine whether the PR10 is compatible with your radio and which adapter cable is required.

See: https://heilhamradio.com/compatibility/

Thanks for reading.

73 de Darren, 43DA001