*PRODUCT REVIEW* Heil PL-2T Microphone Boom

Before purchasing the Heil PL-2T Topless Mount Boom via eBay for a mere $100 AUD, my Heil Heritage mic was supported using a CB-1-PTT Classic Base which I purchased from VK4AJJ at Radio Exchange in Australia about 12 months ago. 

While this provides easy adjustment of the mic’s position and is a wonderful product in its own right, I was seeking something to raise the mic off the desk to a comfortable speak height and also to give the mic a degree of acoustic isolation from the surrounding environment…

Being one of those guys who tends to have a cluttered desk top due to undertaking various admin roles, the advantage of being able to free up the shack real-estate by sliding the mic away to the side also appealed.  Only time would tell…


The Heil PL-2T Topless Mount Boom was shipped to me in original packaging with a standard “C” clamp mount that accepts a 1.5″ thick table. 

This clamp appears to be very strong and secure.

[Please note that an optional flush mount is available also which screws to the top of a table or desk surface however this was not included in the purchase].

My Heil Heritage mic weighs approximately 1kg and the PL-2T handles it easily. 

In fact, this boom copes well with mics weighing up to 1.6 kg according to the product specs.

I’ve read on some forums about a perceived improper spring size and also clutch slippage which was said to create issues with the controllability of the boom. 

This is not my experience. 

When adjusting the boom to a comfortable speak height, depending on where I’m sitting at my desk, I find no instability. 

Furthermore, all movements are effortless and soundless and can therefore be done mid ‘over’ without interfering with the quality of the TX.

What I have found with other booms I’ve used in the past is that it’s essential to ensure the appropriate tension of the pivot screws so that the mechanism remains stable. 

Without having the facts, I suspect that these problems may also have been caused by ops using a heavier mic than the product specs allow.

One solution is to add a 200-300 gram cigar lead or trolling weight (Ask a fisherman for one) to the end of the boom slightly behind the mic. 

Another solution could be to remove and adjust the spring tension by stretching the springs. 

Or you could just tighten the screws every now and then hihi.

Another thing that impresses me about the Heil PL-2T Topless Mount is that the mic cable can be tucked neatly away into the boom. 

By removing the top and back cover plates, I was able to thread the cable along the spine of the mount through a special hollow channel. 

Once the cable was in place, I simply snapped the cover plates back in place for a clean installation with no visible wiring.


In my opinion, the Heil PL-2T Topless Mount is a unique and versatile boom that employs a system of what appears to be impeccably balanced internal springs to provide steadiness and silent, effortless adjustment of its position. 

Due to these internal springs and the boom’s ability to route cable inside, it reduces the clutter in front of me and provides, what I believe to be, a professional looking installation.

In combination with a foot switch, I also have both hands free to tickle the keyboard and manoeuvre the mouse in my ‘new shack real-estate’. 

This is very convenient, especially during contests when an extra pair of hands comes in very handy hihi. 

The elevated mic is also now acoustically isolated from the noise (e.g. keyboard, desktop speakers, stationary pot, etc.) which disturbs my desktop!

The most important thing, though, is that the PL-2T holds my Heritage mic in an absolute fixed position and does not settle over the course of a solid DX workout. 

I imagine this would be very annoying indeed if it needed to be constantly readjusted. 

On this measure, the stability, and ability to keep the mic in the location I want it to be, is perfect.

With this in mind, I’m happy to recommend the product to other radio ops looking to add a high quality, professional looking boom to their station. 

With the Aussie dollar so high against the US currency, now is the perfect time to buy also!

73 de Darren, 43DA001