Imagine DXing from an upmarket beach-front property balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean, high above the sands of an idyllic South American shoreline…  Well now you can!

Located in a delightful coastal city in the Republic of Ecuador, a mere 15m from the sweeping Pacific Ocean, the HC2AC Ham Rental is found in a small beach area called Ballenita, some 120 km West of Guayaquil and 5 km West of Santa Elena.

Thanks to a motivated owner who makes regular upgrades, this impressive rental shack is one of the best decked out ham facilities available anywhere in the world.

It boasts elite transceivers, multitudes of antennas reaching into the heavens and DXcessories that make ideal conditions for contest or DX hunting success.

Throw in a magnificent yagi take off to the Pacific islands region, Asia and EU and you’ve got yourself an incredible opportunity to experience world class DX!

In addition to soaking up the amazing view from bedroom windows (See above left), visiting DXers to the HC2AC Ham Rental can also visit the city’s famous museum which is known as ‘The Museum of the Great Peninsula’.  It has an archaeological room, a temporary exhibition hall, a lounge and a naval parade, and so much more.

Punta_Carnero_Salina_Santa_ElenaPunta Carnero, furthermore, is a world class surf beach located approximately ten minutes south of Salinas.  Whale watching, diving, parasailing, sailing and deep sea fishing are popular pastimes for tourists also.

To see the complete details for a possible stay at the HC2AC Ham Rental, including station infos, contact email, website, and more, see below!


More Infos

  • DXCC: Ecuador
  • 11m Division: 61
  • Name of Shack: HC2AC Ham Rental
  • Website: http://hc2ac.webs.com/
  • Contact Person: Anthony (Tony) G. Clarke
  • Email: kf6zwd@mail.ru
  • Postal Address: PO Box 7115, Salinas Provincia, De Santa Elena, Ecuador
  • Station: FT100mp, TS450s, IC-716, FT101-EE, Clipperton-L, TH6DXX, 12m 3 Element Yagi, 30m Delta Loop, 40m Delta Loop, 80m Delta Loop 80m Inverted L And 160m Inverted L RX – HDL In Progress
  • Cost: On Application