*CONTEST RESULTS* HB15 Celebrations

In July this year, our Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) rejoiced it’s 15 year crystal anniversary in spectacular style; acknowledging with much fan-fare a decade and a half of exceptional DX achievements.

To commemorate this exceptionally special occasion for our Club, our members launched a month long Radio Sports event on the eleven meter band.

In addition to spreading the Delta-Alfa brand far and wide, the main  purpose was to celebrate our great Club, and, its first 5479 days presence in the 11m DX landscape!

Well, the results are in for our 15 Year Happy Birthday celebrations and some outstanding scores have been noted in both the DX Hunter and Special Event Station categories respectively.

SES Category

We’re delighted to reveal that the winner of the DA-RC HB15 Special Event Station category is France based member 14DA049 Fred.

From his home QTH in Maulévrier in the western part of the country, 14DA049 Fred notched an incredible 179 contacts over the 31 days of July.

Remarkably, he also worked 13 fellow HB15 stations, effectively multiplying his tally 13 times, to give him a final total of 2327 points.

In second place was DA-RC HQ Member and illustrious design maharishi 14DA010 Stef.

Stef secured an amazing 194 contacts!

In actual fact, this was the most contacts of all HB15 stations—an astonishing performance indeed from our hardworking HQ guy!

In a stellar performance behind the mic during his own HB efforts, 14DA010 Stef nailed an imposing 10 DA/HB stations, albeit 3 less than 14DA049 Fred, which saw him finish on 1940 points.

Third place in the HB15 event went to Australia based DXer 43DA001 Darren.

From his home QTH in Queensland on Australia’s east coast, 43DA001 Darren amassed a commendable 112 contacts.

However, Darren nailed the most HB stations of all participants—17—effectively magnifying his score to a imposing 1904 points.

This assisted him to secure third place over an impressive field indeed that was breathing down his neck for a podium finish!

DX Hunter Category

Results coming soon!

This was an extraordinary event for our club, acknowledging the past 15 years of our existence.

Congratulations to our top 3 placegetters on this extraordinary achievement and well done to all Delta-Alfa members who participated!

73 de HQ Team