*EDITORIAL* Happy 10 Year Birthday DA-RC


logo 10In 2018, our Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) celebrates its 10th birthday.

We are both extremely proud and excited about the occasion!

In an age when DX groups come and go every couple of Cycles, the DA-RC has survived the true test of time.

We have maintained our status in the hobby as one of the world’s premier radio clubs for a decade.

This reputation has been hard earned.

Ij0438059t has come about, partly, on the back of a hardworking Headquarters team; Men and Women who have and continue to sacrifice much time, money and effort into ensuring various commitments are met and members are able to enjoy the DA-RC experience.

These include… DX Sports projects, QSL card orders and managerialship, a regularly updated website, club directory and more.

On the main though, it has been achieved on the shoulders of a hundred-strong membership group who represent our club with distinction in the 11m, CB, SWL and ham radio communities.

The saying “A club is only as strong as its members” is particularly true with the DA-RC.  Our members are professional people; serious about the hobby; and with a sense of adventure evidenced by consistent missions into the fields of IOTA, IWI, DXCC, LOTA, COTA and more for DXpedition work.


rfhillarc-2013-logo1A sense of competitiveness is also prominent in the DA-RC community.  This is obvious in the annual contest calendar where Delta-Alfa callsigns are conspicuous in leader boards of events such as the World Island Challenge (WIC), Delta-Alfa Portable (DAP), Halloween Spirit and more.

It’s also obvious in the logs of ‘Most Wanted’ DXpeditions which are always littered with the familiar DA QRZ.  That the DA-RC and its members have delivered the most genuine “Most Wanted” opportunities for the 11m DX Community of any club in the past 10 years is also cherished.

Highly sought after DXstinations such as Timor Leste, Lebanon, Rotuma, Banaba, Temotu, Liechtenstein, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Nauru, Christmas Island and Cocos Keeling have all been delivered by DA-RC teams.

downloadDespite the challenges of distance, we are close knit, loyal, resilient and collaborative.  Our ‘Members Only’ and DA-RC News Facebook groups and website, furthermore, continue to thrive and members maintain a valued presence on the world’s hobby forums.

We are “contributors” to the hobby rather than “takers”; “doers” rather than talkers; and if a member identifies a possibility to create an opportunity for others in his community — to promote the hobby further — then he is quick to support a project.

As our proud club celebrates its 10-year anniversary, we say thanks to the members — past and present — whom have made contributions to our club.

Big or small, you have all played a part.


ThanksWe also say a big thanks to the people whom have supported our Club from outside the DA-RC ranks.  Hobbyists whom have sponsored DA-RC DXpeditions, our monthly website hosting, worked and sent for QSL cards for our many activities, collaborated with DA-RC teams for dx adventure and more.

To the guys who make up the current directory, you have an important responsibility now in continuing this legacy; in ensuring the DA-RC remains strong for the next 10 years and continues to provide a platform for dx adventure on 11m and ham bands.

I look forward to undergoing this journey with you as one of our club’s Founders and current HQ Members.

73 de Darren, 43DA001

HB10 Logo

radio21To celebrate the DA-RC’s 10 Year birthday, we will commence a host of on air commemorative activities with the traditional ‘HB’ suffix, followed by the digits ‘10’.  These special event stations (SES) will commence in July on 11m frequencies and be QRV for 1 month.

For all the details, including guidelines, a list of participants, award specifics, how to register and much more, please click HERE.