*HAM RENTAL* HAMlet, Turks & Caicos

Turks and Caicos Islands

Situated in the spectacular IOTA DXstination of Turks & Caicos, the HAMlet appears modern for an island guest cottage and looks to be an ideal holiday shack with an impressive station available for use.

It has plenty of screened windows to let the breezes cool the interior.

A glassed-in sitting area and the ham shack each offer additional sleeping accommodations.

The fully furnished kitchen with refrigerator, gas stove, and microwave will serve you well, provided you have the skills.

The bathroom looks clean and has a hot water shower.

The grounds appear well kept also.

Cable TV is included so you can keep up with international news…or you mayleave it turned off and let the world take care of itself for a few days.

High-speed Internet is also provided for those bringing a computer with a network access card which will allow fast communication with the DX Community, station’s QSL Manager, etc.

More Infos…

  • DXCC: Turks & Caicos Islands (248 division)
  • Shack Name: The HAMlet
  • IOTA Reference: NA-002
  • Station: HF transceiver, Force 12 XR-5 multiband yagi, located about 100 feet above sea level on a 40 foot tower, stacked 3 element yagis for 10m
  • Contact Email: info@vp5jm.com
  • Website:

Getting There:

Turks & Caicos lie 575 miles southeast of Miami Florida.  They are 30 miles south of the Bahamas and 90 miles north of the Dominican Republic.

Various air carriers including Air Canada, American Airlines, Delta, US Airways and Spirit Airlines offer plenty of flights to Provo, many using full-size jet equipment, from various jump off cities in the USA.

Please strongly consider getting travel medical insurance.