*PRODUCT REVIEW* Sirio Gain Master Antenna

Verticals are the most common type of antenna for  use on 27 MHz and, for more than a decade, the IMAX 2000 by Solarcon has been regarded as one of the best available.

The arrival of a new 5/8 base-fed stick on the market, however, now has people questioning it’s claim as número uno.

Italian company ‘Sirio’ are perhaps best known in DA-RC circles for their 3 and 4 element short boom yagis which most guys regard as excellent antennas indeed for DXpedition use.

Well now the same company also make a fabulous omnidirectional antenna which, I’m told, rivals if not SURPASSES the IMAX 2000!  This antenna even has its own website!  [ See: http://www.gain-master.it/ ]

Sirio AntenneAccording to my friends at Sirio, the Gain-Master is a 0.625λ high tech fiberglass base station antenna for 10—12m.
Made of telescopic fiberglass tubes and DC-grounded for protection from static discharges, this antenna was designed by electromagnetic simulation to help it achieve maximum gain; also to optimize the bandwidth and radiation pattern.

My understanding is that the new design of the radiant element actually works like a central fed dipole.  This means RF currents on the radiator are in-phase and the ground plane radials, like those on the IMAX 2000, aren’t necessary.

The coaxial coil at the bottom of the Gain Master apparently works like an RF-choke for optimal decoupling from mast and feed-line.

CB Radio Magazine has published an interesting review of the antenna and testing against the IMAX 2000.  You can read the article by clicking HERE. http://www.cbradiomagazine.com/Antenna%20Reviews/Sirio%20Gain-Master/Sirio%20Gain-Master%20Review.htm

While the jury is still out on whether the Gain Master has claims to being the best vertical on the market, it certainly seems to stack up very well and could be worth the money.

Electrical Data

  •  Type 0.625 λ center fed vertical dipole
  • Frequency Range @ SWR ≤ 2.0 25.5 – 30 MHz 400 CB channel & 10m ham band
  • Impedance 50 Ω
  • Radiation Omnidirectional
  • Polarization Linear Vertical
  • Max Gain on the horizon 1 to 2 dB higher than conventional 5/8 λ
  • Max Power 500 Watts (CW) continuous, 1000 Watts (CW) short time
  • Lightning protection All metal parts are DC-grounded, the inner conductor shows a DC-short
  • Connector UHF-female, PTFE insulator & gold plated central pin

Mechanical Data

  • Materials: Whip made of white fiberglass four sections composite tube, radiator made of copper wire and low loss coax cable, stainless steel hardware, anodized AW6060 aluminium, UV stabilized thermoplastic.
  • Wind Resistance up to 160 Km/h
  • Height (approx.) 7360mm with bracket, radiator 6850mm
  • Packaging Dimensions 1950 x 100 x 130 mm
  • Weight (approx.) 3 Kg
  • Mounting mast Ø 35-54 mm side mast with “V” bolt