*DX NEWS* G3TXQ Hexbeam Antennas Sponsors DXpeditions


G3TXQ Broadband Hexbeam Antennas are eager to support dx adventure teams with sponsorship in the form of some of their outstanding range of mono or multiband antennas.

For those who don’t know, a lightweight G3TXQ Hexbeam is a full size 2 element Yagi beam with bent wire elements – one that is perfect for dxpedition work. From above the driven element resembles the shape of a letter M and the reflector resembles the shape of a letter U.

There are a few guidelines you must agree to first…

  • Full price plus any shipping will be charged at the full rate upfront before the DXpedition begins.
  • Sponsorship agreement will be drawn up and emailed to you for your records.
  • All Logos will be placed on the DXpedition website before, during and will remain on the website after the DXpedition.
  • Logos will be placed on the QSL card along with the web address.
  • An E-Ham review will be written and placed on this link http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/8786
  • Full written report will be submitted to be placed on this website.
  • Photos will be emailed to MW0JZE with full permission to use them on this website.
  • All sponsorship agreements will be met no later than 2 months after the return of the DXpedition, failure to meet this deadline will result in the withdrawal of the sponsorship agreement.
  • If these conditions are not met by a maximum of 2 months then none of the team will be eligible for sponsorship from MW0JZE in the future.
  • When the sponsorship conditions are met the funds will be transferred to the team in the form of a bank transfer or PayPal payment.

G3TXQ Broadband Hexbeam Antennas have previously sponsored the following activities:

  • CY9M St Paul Island NA-094 July 2012
  • TN2T Republic Of Congo
  • Lesotho 7P8D 23rd Nov 3rd Dec 2012
  • Macau XX9E 17th 23rd May AS-075

Those interested in discussing sponsorship opportunities with G3TXQ Hexbeams should visit the website at http://www.g3txq-hexbeam.com/ and/or contact Ant MWØJZE via email at mw0jze@g3txq-hexbeam.com .