*DX NEWS* The ‘French’ti Gang’

title-aboutMeet a collection of members, with shared goals, dedicated to experiencing the adrenalin rush of dx adventure…

Nicknamed the “French’ti Gang” this group consists of 5 local friends – 14DA021 Eric, 14DA024 Christophe, 14DA027 Jean Marc, 14DA028 Phil (See right) and 14DA817 Rod.

Overflowing with experience and dxpedition know-how, these well-known DA-RCies share a common passion for both Hunting DX and activating IOTA, IWI and LOTA in the North of France, Brittany and other DXCC close to the French border.

photo 2In the past, Eric and Phil have experienced enormous fun and success  activating  islands  together.

Jean-Marc, Christophe and Rod (See right) have now joined forces also, making it one helluva dx adventure team and an exciting proposition indeed when the guys announce their first joint project soon!


The French’ti Gang also have a strong interest in chasing other activations, taking part in exciting challenges such as the DAP and Halloween Spirit and participating in the World Island Contest (WIC) and Island Festival.

iotaiiThey’re proud of their achievements, for example, in the last Island Festival in which the French’ti Gang took 3rd place in the ‘Activants’ category for 14DA/62040M, 62046R & 62078R.

Phil and Eric scored third in the ‘Hunter’ category as well.

iles-chauseyThe French’ti Gang are planning several exciting IWI, IOTA and LOTA dx adventures in the future and their “CQ DX” calls representing the DA-RC will be echoing on the band.

The guys are waiting for the pleasure of hearing you on their travels and logging your station!