*DX NEWS* 14DA049 Fred Celebrates Postcard Direct


Apart from logging the contact itself, nothing puts a smile on the face of an IOTA Hunter more than receiving a postcard direct from the IOTA DXer himself from a far-flung island DXstination!

2-Koh-PhayamOn this note, prominent DA-RC Island Hunter 14DA049 Fred was delighted to receive a souvenir postcard all the way from a tiny island in the RSGB identified Malay Peninsula West group recently.

France based DXer 14DA049 Fred was fortunate to work 153IR/AS053/KP on Koh Phayam island back in May 2015, an undiscovered pearl of the Andaman Sea famous for its long white sandy beaches, long curvy bays, forests, jungles and clear blue sea and coral reefs.

At just 10 km long and 5 km wide with a population of around 500 people, this is a very special contact indeed!


7389170_origPictured above, the postcard shows QSO details and a brief personal message from the DXpeditioner, 153IR777 Jan, on the back.

On the front is one of the island’s beautiful outlooks, a view of the surrounding jungle — habitat of monkeys, wild animals and a variety of birds like Hornbill and Sea Eagle.

 Congratulations to Fred on this very lucky gift and thanks, on behalf of the 11m DX Community, to Jan and his efforts as one of South East Asia’s most committed IOTA DXpeditioners!