99 div mapMore than 2000 contacts for a ‘Most Wanted’ DXCC activity is an exceptional feat, not just for the DA-RC DXpedition team, but also for the 11m DX Community in general which maintains its status as possessing the best and most equipped DX Hunters on any of the bands.

This is the reality of the Fiji IOTA Tour which occurred in March-April 2014 — so many memorable experiences for both adventurists, Darren and Kevin, and also those guys fortunate enough to make the log of 1 or more of the 4 unique island adventures.

fiji-marketBelow you can see a sample of video exemplifications which encapsulate the spirit of working a “new one” on 11m; the adrenalin rush of punching through a pile up of 5/9 stations to be heard by the DA-RC guys in the central Pacific Ocean; knowing your callsign will appear in the log of one of the most exciting IOTA DXpeditions in recent times.

Flag mapThese videos, shared with the Dx Adventure Radio Club, mark special moments in time for those involved, unforgettable experiences that only those involved in the hobby of chasing rare DX can appreciate.

Flag of Fiji