*DX NEWS* 11m Field Day, Soon!

The thrilling ‘Eleven Meter & PMR Field Day’ will fire up on June 29-30 with teams from many different radio clubs, including our own Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC), partaking.

The EPFD is a radio sports event which involves Freeband enthusiasts uniting for a day or 2 in the great outdoors—armed with a portable station—and chasing DX.

Like popular ham field day events such as the John Moyle Field Day (Australia) and ARRL Field Day (USA), the Elven Meters & PMR Field Day—for almost 15 years—has brought together operators driven by the same passion, around days of 27 MHz activation outdoors, in portable conditions, via a car, tractor, caravan or boat, or with a non-mains connected power device.

Not only has this professionally administered event registered as a valuable learning experience for guys new to the field day concept, but it also poses as a highly enjoyable social experience; one which has always been about cultivating the spirit of camaraderie and friendship between 11m clubs and their members across the airwaves.

In fact, many teams combine their work behind the microphone and outdoors dx adventure with a tasty barbecue or picnic and a few cold beverages, and rotate shifts to free up members for fishing, a game of park football or cricket, a hike or a bush walk.

According to EPFD Guidelines, there are no minimum requirements for time spent QRV in the field for any registered team.

This flexibility is designed to ensure a maximum number of participants and teams are engaged over the course of the weekend.

There are also no limitations on the number of team members in each team.

As you would expect, activators must provide proof of their outdoors activation, for example, on mountain peaks, hills, from national parks, beaches, islands, etc.

The radio station, furthermore, must be powered by an independent electrical source (never connected to the mains).

Batteries, generators, solar power, and wind power are the only accepted sources of electricity for stations participating.

A separate category for FD Hunters also exists and this is perfect for guys who are unable to participate in the field for any reason.

For all the information on this event, such as how to register, rules, and more, visit the EPFD Website at https://www.11fddx.com/ .

Here, you are also able to see the current list of FD Stations already registered, download an EPFD Log Sheet, check out the results of the past few years’ events and more.