*FIELD DAY NEWS* 43DA/FD-081, Curra Forest, Active Soon

Keen dx adventurist 43DA007 Mike has enlisted in the 2020 ‘11m & PMR Field Day’ and will be QRV for this exciting event as a portable station from the Curra State Forest on the weekend of September 19-20.

This picturesque pocket of land is part of the Gympie National Park and is referenced as VKFF-0682 in accordance with the World Wide Flora & Fauna (WWFF) program.

The purpose of this program, which has its roots in amateur Radio, is to:

“Draw attention to the importance of protecting nature, flora and fauna, and to encourage the development of radio skills, especially in portable operations…”

The unique callsign allocated by the organising ‘11m & PMR Field Day’ team is 43DA/FD-081.

The suffix FD-081 represents the order of registration of Mike’s participation.

Taken from the Aboriginal name ‘Kurui’ — which means grey forest possum — the Curra State Forest is located roughly 10km north of the township of Gympie and almost 200km north of the Queensland capital, Brisbane.

Teaming with native wildlife, it includes 192 species of birds, as well as koalas, kangaroos, possums, flying foxes, bandicoots, gliders, echidna, platypus, snakes, frogs and more.

This perfect field day dxstination covers an area of about around 3,500 hectares.

It has almost 70km of tracks and trails, through mostly open dry Eucalypt forest, wet-forest gullies and semi-permanent waterholes.

The noise floor here, according to 43DA007 Mike, is likely to be non-existent and with an impressive station consisting of multiple antennas and high-end rigs, this will guarantee the best possible chance of logging serious DX Hunters on the 2020 Field Day weekend.

For all the info about this activity from the Curra State Forest, including QSL Manager coordinations, station info, grid square, links, and more, please click HERE.