*PRODUCT WATCH* Face-plates for 10m/CB rigs

Adding a new face-plate to your CB/10m transceiver is an excellent way of giving it a face-lift.  As you can see by the above image contributed by one of the DA-RC’s 10m radio enthusiasts, there are lots of super designs too to help spunk-up the shack!

While there are a few nasty bumper sticker varieties around, most face-plates are precision die cut from metal or vinyl for an exact fit, come in multi-colour high gloss finish and require no additional adhesive.

These are the type that come most recommended by DA-RC members; styles to fit most CB/ 10m transceivers that you can obtain via one of the many online stores or via eBay.

Simply remove the radio knobs, stick on the new faceplate over the original one, and replace the knobs.  That’s it!

The famous Cobra 148GTL DX, UNIDEN GRANT XL , TEXAS RANGER 296 and GALAXY 88 are just a handful of rigs for which a new face-plate can be added.  But there are thousands more also!

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