*QSL* 19DAEU146/TI Tiengemeten Island

lz3hiAttention Island Hunters!  Please see below the QSL design for 19DAEU146/TI, an exciting island dx adventure undertaken by 14DA028 Phil to Tiengemeten Island in the Dutch province of South Holland in the RSGB identified Zuid Holland/Zeeland Province group.

Designed by Phil himself and printed by LZ1YE on high quality deluxe business paper, this awesome full colour QSL card depicts the picturesque Netherlands isle and its surrounding waters and a snap of Phil’s portable station too.

This magnificent QSL confirmation card is available from 14DA028 Phil whom is also the QSL Manager.

The coordinations are:


31Rés. F- Evrard

59221 Bauvin

Department 59


19DA EU146 TI front copie

19DA EU146 TI back copie