*DX RESOURCES* Google Earth

A valuable online resource for dx adventurists is Google Earth.

Described by some DA-RC members as a “map on steroids”, this is a desktop application for Mac, PC, or Linux computers that allows you to navigate planet Earth, including its millions of island DXstinations, from multiple views.

Google Earth opens with a view of the world from space. Clicking and dragging on the planet will gently spin the globe.  

The ‘middle scroll wheel’ or ‘right-click dragging’ will zoom in and out for close-up views of any island.  

In some areas the close-ups are detailed enough to make out boats anchored up on island beaches and even fishermen.

For DXpeditioners, Google Earth allows you to zoom and glide like soaring seabirds over stitched together satellite photos which have been combined with maps and a search engine.

This helps the DXpedition team members gain valuable reconnaissance information such as suitable locations for any station, terrain, the presence of airstrips, pictures of possible ham friendly accommodation in 3D, specific addresses and directions for getting there, general locations of other landmarks nearby and services.

This makes it undoubtedly the perfect virtual exploration tool for any keen island DXpeditioner!

For DX hunters, Google Earth enables you to measure the distance between various DXstinations. 

The search engine also allows to obtain positional data on any DXCC or island which can then be used to guide yagi headings in the pursuit of contacts.

Obviously this is very helpful to improve results in events such as the World Islands Challenge (WIC).

Used by many serious serious DX Hunters around the world, this excellent shack resource is available for Windows 2000/XP, Mac OS 10.3.9 or higher, and Linux. 

There are three main versions, free, Plus, and Pro, however most radio communications hobbyists won’t require more than the free version.

Google Earth can be downloaded from http://earth.google.com/