DA-RC HQ Member and clued-up antenna experimenter 3DA012 Roger recommends checking out the new E-Z-O antenna by OMICRON as a viable alternative to the traditional Cubical Quad.

According to Roger, the E-Z-O antenna is said to be cheaper in price, lighter in weight and easier to install than the cubical quad.

It’s also claimed that the E-Z-O has less surface area for wind and ice loading than it’s more famous counterpart.  On this note, stresses from wind gusts are relieved because the elements are not rigidly fixed to the boom.  The lower stresses, furthermore, allow for a smaller and cheaper (2″) boom.

In addition to a gain of 15 dB over a G5RV, 3DA012 Roger suggests that this antenna also shares some of the same positive characteristics of a quad.  For example, radiated signals do not couple with the tower.  That’s because when fed from the top, the E-Z-O Antenna is horizontally polarized.  And since quad antennas characteristically propagate at low angles even at heights below L/4, suspending the E-Z-O below the boom is inconsequential for most tower heights.

Detailed plans and antenna kits are reportedly available from the site’s online store: http://store.ezoantennas.com.  These plans are said to eliminate much of the guesswork involving the magnitude of the dielectric effect, element length, and spacing.

Complete pre-fabricated and pre-tuned antennas are also purportedly available from this website.  The packaged antennas are said to be essentially “snap-together” and assembled quickly also, making them a possible option for dx adventure work.