*DX NEWS* Heil Sponsors DXpeditions

Business sponsorship of DXpedition work can be likened to ‘corporate social responsibility’ but most would agree that it’s also an investment by the companies themselves — companies whose core business is manufacturing or selling ham radio equipment — into the hobby’s long term future.

Of course, with any sponsorship though comes the expectation that the company providing the support will enjoy favourable publicity in the market place. 

‘DXpeditions’ are the perfect vehicle for this exposure, allowing the companies who back them to ride the coat tails of dx adventurers as they venture into the exciting world of most wanted or rare dx.

US based ham radio supplier Heil Sound Ltd is one such company which invests in dx adventure,.

This company provides dx adventurers access to its range of Pro Set and Traveler headsets (See pictured left) with its famous HC4 elements, in particular, through generous discounts, equipment loans and more.

For Heil Sound Ltd to sponsor a DXpedition though, the following requirements must be met…

  • The size of the group leaving on any one DXpedition must be at least four individuals.
  • The group or organization must have a web site which highlights the DXpedition. A list of the individuals attending posted on the web site.
  • All requests must be made in writing and sent to our headquarters at the following address: 5800 North Illinois St. Fairview Heights, IL. 62208
  • A valid credit card number must be sent to Heil Sound Ltd. in advance of the shipment of the equipment.
  • All of the supplied equipment plus shipping will be charged to the credit card prior to shipping of the equipment.
  • All of the supplied equipment must be returned to Heil Sound, Ltd. 5800 North Illinois St. Fairview Heights, IL. 62208, in good condition, within 10 days of returning from the DXpedition.
  • The credit card on file will then be credited for the items returned minus shipping costs.
  • Participants may keep any of the items.

For more information on Heil Sound’s support of DXpeditions and how you might apply for that support for your own dx adventure, please visit the Heil Sound website at http://www.heilsound.com/ .