*DXPEDITION REPORT* Vieux Moulin Island

This is the mini-log of Inland Water Island (IWI) activation 14DA/08058R and a little story and video to go with it…

At 13:25 GMT on 13 April 2013, I arrive on picturesque Vieux Moulin Island in Department 8 (Lat: 49° 46′ 33.66” N, Long: 4° 43′ 21.49” E) for a ‘new’ dx adventure.

This is a very nice inland water island with the old MILL nearby and other beautiful scenery too such as the famous Rimbaud Museum and Charleville Mézières.  Therefore, each QSO is valid for the MILL-08001 also.

Immediately, I go on the left to the small isle to set up the station which consists of an ICOM 706 transceiver + KL501 (250w) amplifier, a Bamby antenna at 10m and 2 big batteries.

After that, I send a little SMS to 14DA049 Fred, 14AT190 Dany and 14DX181 Marc to say, “14DA/08058R will be QRV soon on 27.585 MHz USB”.

At 13:46 GMT, our 1st contact is made with fellow DA-RC member Fred 14DA049 in Maine-et-Loire (D-49).  He is followed by 3DA012 Roger in Alagoas Brazil, 34SD127 in the Canary Islands, 47HF122 Arne in the Kingdom of Denmark and then a handful of other French stations.

The last log entry is Guillaume 14FDX108 in Nord (D-59) at 14:21 GMT.

Just 10 stations are in the log (ITL) for this IWI activity — the propagation is not the same as the recent 341DA/0 lol.

It’s very bad on the other islands as well during the IWI Tour but we do our best — MISSION carried out.

Thank you to all for the QSO.

73 de Phil 14DA028

14DA049 13/04 13H46 3 585 SSB
34SD127 13/04 13H48 51 585 SSB
3DA012 13/04 13H49 57 585 SSB
14AT355 13/04 13H53 31 660 SSB
47HF122 13/04 13H55 31 660 SSB
14AT496 13/04 13H56 55 660 SSB
14AT190 13/04 14H02 31 660 SSB
14HF062 13/04 14H07 59 660 SSB
14DX049 13/04 14H17 31 660 SSB
14FDX108 13/04 14H21 53 660 SSB