*PRODUCT WATCH* Stylish Rig Covers

A gang of Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) members have been keen to mention a super cool DXcessory in recent times… special wool or felt dust covers by a company called RadioDustCovers.com to protect their sacred items…tuners, amps, transmitters, receivers and transceivers, etc.

According to some of the DA-RC guys, the machine-sewn wool variety is visually very appealing and comes in three colours…black, grey or DA-RC royal blue.

By all reports, these covers offer very good protection against dust whilst allowing the equipment to ‘breathe’ and to not hold moisture.  For members who live in high humidity areas such as those guys on small Pacific islands, this attribute is ideal.

Another style mentioned by DA-RC members is the stylish black vinyl cover.  According to the supplier, these are made of a heavy, commercial grade vinyl with a felt backing — rather than a cheap crafters vinyl.

These are reportedly best suited for those guys who sit coffee cups, soda cans, etc., on their equipment.

While the vinyl covers can be ordered with any logos and lettering, they can also be ordered with a clear front.  This allows the equipment to remain protected but offers a view of the front of the radio.

All lettering (callsigns, names, etc.) and logos (Club, model of radio, etc.) are sewn on by an embroidery machine, with a good range of fonts.

All of covers come standard with a rear flap which allows you to leave the coax, power cables, etc. connected to the radio when the cover is on it. It can also be folded under making it an open back cover for slipping the cover on from the front if you have your radio on a shelf, etc.

For more information on these fantastic DXcessories, check out the company’s website at http://radiodustcovers.com.