Attention serious DX Hunters!

A wonderful sponsorship opportunity exists for an upcoming Islands On the Air (IOTA) DXpedition by experienced members of the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) to a ‘Most Wanted’ DXCC entity in the Pacific region.

Currently marketed as 500DA/0, until the departure date, this tremendous activity will take place in September 2023 from a diminutive island country not activated for more than 20 years.

Costs [e.g. Return flights, transfers, excess baggage, accommodation, transfers, taxes, travel insurance, travel visas, etc.] for this very exciting dx adventure are estimated to be in excess of $7000 US per team member.

Your financial support, therefore, is appreciated so as to ensure activities of this nature continue to be offered by DA-RC members.

Sponsorship Benefits

Any sponsor who contributes 15 Euro or more towards the 500DA/0 dxpedition will receive the following outstanding benefits…

  • A copy of the extensive DXpedition Logistics Program with dates of the activity/s, QRGs, proposed dxstinations, ham friendly accommodation, station composition, and much more, emailed as a PDF file
  • A beautiful sponsorship certificate, designed by 14DA010 Stef at 010 Designs, emailed as a PDF file
  • His name and QRZ displayed on the QSL confirmation card, as well as on the DA-RC website (Click HERE)
  • Invitation to the private DXpedition Facebook Group
  • Direct access to the team at this exciting QTH via Facebook Messenger and email
  • Direct postcard from the DXstination as a token of our appreciation
  • Access to skeds, real-time info, log updates, QRG and QTR of this activation
  • First access to proofs, photos, videos, etc.
  • Personal satisfaction knowing you contributed to the realization of a ‘Most Wanted’ opportunity for the 11m DX community

How to Make a Donation

Donations of 15 € or more can be made via PayPal to darren43da001@yahoo.com.

Please include your callsign, postal coordinations, and Facebook profile so that you can be added to the private FB group.

Thank you for your continued support of our dxpedition ventures.

73 de DA-RC HQ Team