*DX RESOURCE* DXpedition Movie Library

An awesome way to enhance your dx adventure skills (knowledge, understanding and methodology) is to study what some of the world’s elite Ham Teams do and then take bits and pieces of their practice and combine it with your own.

The best Ham DXpedition Teams, for instance, provide detailed reports of their experiences for the ham radio community that can be very helpful.

They’re conscious of sharing their experiences (e.g. What worked and what didn’t, recommendations for future operations, etc.) and see it as somewhat of a ‘responsibility’ to both inform and educate others.

Detailed reports with photos written by members of a dxpedition team for magazines or websites make for great reading but just as informative are dxpedition movies.
In fact, if the old saying “a picture paints a thousand words” is true, then surely “a movie would paint millions”.

Drone footage of ham friendly accommodation, antenna installations and surrounding areas (seascapes, mountain ranges), pileup/QSO recordings, interviews with team members and more all feature in modern day dxpedition movies.

DX-World is an outstanding news service for DXers and IOTA enthusiasts and one of the terrific features of their website is a ‘DXpedition Movie’ library.

Here you’ll find tens of incredible dxpedition movies from some of the most exciting DXstinations on the planet; detailed presentations that offer limitless opportunities to gather knowledge and improve understanding and so develop your own adventure DXpertise.

For a quick pathway direct to the site and hours of watching pleasure, click HERE.