*DX NEWS* 285DA/DX, Fernando De Noronha Island

The Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is thrilled to reveal particulars of its imminent dxpedition to Fernando De Noronha Island, which is set to take-off on March 30, 2024.

This exceptionally exciting activity will be brought to life through the efforts of 3DA018 Renner who has been issued the special callsign 285DA/DX.

Nicknamed “the Pearl of the Atlantic” and one of the 11m community’s most sought after DXCC entities, this awe-inspiring QTH is an exquisite volcanic archipelago about 350 km off Brazil’s northeast coast.

According to Islands Base Online (IBO), Fernando De Noronha Island consists of 21 islands, islets and rocks which all fall under the same IOTA reference of SA-003.

We’re proud to say that our skilled Brazilian guy is very experienced in the field of dxpedition work and has undertaken detailed reconnaissance work around this rousing DXstination to ensure his short stay there is a success.

Not only is Fernando De Noronha Island high on the hit-list of all IOTA Hunters, particularly those who appreciate a DA-RC style activity, it’s also a protected national marine park and ecological sanctuary with a jagged coastline and diverse ecosystems.

Fernando De Noronha Island is renowned for its undeveloped beaches, for scuba diving and snorkelling, and it’s incredible sea life—turtles, rays, dolphins and reef sharks—which swim in its warm, clear waters.

Please check out all the information (e.g. QSLM, links, sponsorship opportunity, grid square, IOTA referencing, etc.) pertaining to this dx adventure, and others by members of the DA-RC, in the right hand side menu under ‘DXpedition Activities’.

Here, you can also follow the ‘Live Log’ to check the status of your contact, as well as which stations are being heard from this delicate speck of rock in the Atlantic.

Good luck to all!

73 de HQ Team