*DX NEWS* Indian Ocean Log Protocols

Attention tenacious DX Hunters!  For The DA-RC’s upcoming Indian Ocean DXpeditions to Christmas (217 Division) and Cocos (Keeling) Islands (193) respectively, the traditional RS and the ITL systems will be used to confirm all contacts.

Such time honored protocols will ensure the anticipated pile-ups run smoothly for these awesome activities and the supreme number of DX Hunters are worked during the frenzied DX pile-ups.

In this DA-RC practice…

  • R is readability

  • S is strength

[Note: On single-sideband phone, only R and S reports are used and not T (tone)]

If your QRZ is heard and then confirmed by the DXpedition Team then the report will be 5/9.  Please repeat it and move on.

Unless requested, your operator name, location and any station information is surplus information, particularly during a pile-up.

If in doubt, you can check the log/s online on our website.

ITL refers to “In the log” and will be used for both of these activities as an alternative to progressive numbers which can be difficult to substantiate in challenging band conditions.

For more information on DA-RC’s venture into the Indian Ocean Isles, such as callsigns, dates, times, QSL Manager, sponsorship opportunities, contribution, station details and much more, please visit the following links: