The basement price of the Aussie dollar against the greenback in recent times has dictated that radio comms enthusiasts in the Oceania/Pacific region have had to seek alternative, more locally based suppliers for their hobby equipment.

This is especially the case for large, bulky items such as antennas which effectively doubles the cost of an imported item when shipped from the United States to any Pacific island country, including Australia.

DUORO Antennas is an Australian based company renowned for designing and producing high-quality amateur radio and citizens band (UHF and HF) antennas and with this company you’re definitely NOT skimping on quality for the sake of avoiding a poor exchange rate.

The list of antennas sold by DUORO Antennas for 11m band enthusiasts, also, is very impressive indeed with large diamond quads, monster yagis and home base verticals available for the serious Freeband DX Hunter.

Some of the antennas available through DUORO Antennas include:

  • VHF and HF base station verticals (5/8, ½ and ¼ wave)
  • UHF base station yagis: Folded dipole
  • VHF base station yagis: Folded dipole or GTM
  • HF base station CRM dipoles
  • HF base station yagi: Folded dipole or GTM (up to 6 elements)
  • HF base station diamond quads (up to 5 elements)
  • HF 27 MHz CB mobile antennas
  • Dual band mobile antenna
  • Mobile phone and GPS antennas
  • Scanner and TV mobile antennas
  • HF 27 MHz CB walkie talkies

In addition to second hand and sales items, DUORO Antennas also sells a range of accessories manufactured by some of the world’s most famous brands, including rotators, phasing harnesses, auto antenna tuners and more.

For a complete list of products and prices in AUD, visit the DUORO Antennas website by clicking: HERE.