*HAM FRIENDLY* Dreamers Guest House, Tarawa Atoll

According to Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) members in the Republic of Kiribati, when it comes to accommodation in the Central Pacific that’s conducive to radio operations, the Dreamer’s Guest House on Tarawa Atoll has everything you could desire to achieve a successful Ham (T30) or 11m (224 Division) IOTA activation.

All you’ll need to do is bring the radio equipment and the pile ups will explode into life!

Situated on tiny Bairiki islet near the Western end of South Tarawa, this wonderful ham friendly guest house consists of 3 self-contained rooms with en-suite bathrooms and kitchen facilities.

For this reason, it could easily house a large DXpedition Team (4-5 people) or sole dx adventurer as there’s plenty of space for both beds and a station.

Dreamer’s Guest House is set on a sea wall with fabulous views of adjacent beaches and three small islets between the mainland and the ocean.

The outdoor area, only metres from the water’s edge, has ample space for antennas and provides the perfect take off to major DX markets…

As the pictures show, dipoles can be easily fixed to nearby trees and a guyed mast can be erected from the grass area to house a significant yagi or similar directional antenna (e.g. skypper, hex beam spider beam, moxon, etc.).

Dreamer’s Guest House boasts the only solar powered desalination system in Kiribati guaranteeing plentiful fresh water at all times.

The array of 16 solar panels provide power with backup from mains and a generator to ensure the station can be powered 24 hours per day.


Located near Parliament House in the village of Ambo, all of South Tarawa is in easy reach without the noise and hustle of the urban centres.

The Dreamer’s Guest House property is set back from the main road in spacious gardens leading to the beach.

The site is ideal for swimming (tides permitting) and all guests are free to borrow their kayaks, masks, snorkels and flippers to explore our ocean facing bay and its islets.

Alternatively, dx adventurists can relax with a cold drink on the beachside veranda and seating area with the transceivers purring away in the background.

Badminton, table tennis and bikes are also available for guests enjoyment.


Both traditional Kiribati meals and a variety of other dishes from various cultures are possible meals for the DXpedition party when staying here, but with an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients, particularly from the owner’s own gardens when available.

A variety of fresh fish is caught in the waters immediately off the Dreamer’s Guest House – different species of Tuna, bonefish, giant trevally, wahoo, marlin, sailfish and more.

Breakfast consists of a choice of fresh fruit, tea, coffee, fruit juices, cereals, toddy (coconut sap), grated coconut, eggs, smoked fish, bread, rolls or donuts with home-made jams and marmalades and is included in the basic price.

Any additional meals are available by arrangement.

A laundry service can also be provided if requested.

Car hire, fishing, lagoon and outer island trips are also available by arrangement.

Getting There:

Air Pacific fly twice weekly from Nadi, Fiji (99 Division / 3D2) to Tarawa and once a week to Kiritimati (266 Division).

Our Airline fly once a week from Brisbane (43) to Tarawa, via Honiara (135) and Nauru (271).

Upon arrival, Bairiki islet is joined to Betio by the Nippon Causeway, which opened in 1989, and is also joined to Naanekai by a causeway, forming part of a continuous road which links South Tarawa from Betio in the West to Bonriki International Airport in the East.

Free Airport pick up/drop off is available upon request from the Dreamer’s Guest House owner also.



  • Ham Friendly Accommodation: Dreamer’s Guest House
  • Location: Tarawa Atoll, Kiribati
  • Ham Prefix: T30
  • 11m Division: 224
  • IOTA Reference: OC-019
  • IOTA Group: Gilbert Islands
  • Cost: $70 per room per day / $20 per person extra (1 person included in price of room).  Breakfast included in these prices.  Flexible terms, discounts and facilities possible by arrangement.
  • Internet: WiFi (Free)
  • WX: Tropical rainforest climate
  • Electricity: Solar powered – with mains backup.
  • Email: dreamerskiribati@gmail.com 
  • Contact Person: Beta
  • Website URL: https://www.dreamerskiribati.com/
  • Phone Number/s: +68673003453 / +68673008598
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamerskiribati/
  • Ham Radio Licensing: http://www.cck.ki/index.php/services/licensing/radio-license.html