*DX NEWS* 43DA148 Peter Erects Moxon

Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) member 43DA148 Peter, from the Victorian gold city of Ballarat, has recently installed a new 2 element Moxon antenna to go with his brand new station (See above) and by all reports is “overjoyed with the results.”

Purchased late last year from fellow DA-RCie 30DA016 Dave from http://www.dx4.us/ and mounted by Peter on a telescopic mast some 11 meters off the ground, the wire Moxon can be visualized as a 2 element yagi with the element tips bent towards one another.  The tips are separated by an insulator creating a gap which is mostly accountable for the directive pattern unique to the Moxon!

“I’ve really noticed the difference between the IMAX 2000 by Solarcon and the Moxon rectangle from Dave,” reports Peter.  “This wonderful dx magnet has a super front to back ratio and bandwidth and works from 27.200 MHz till 28.600 MHz…”

Apart from the fact it’s ideal for dx adventure being so light weight and easy to assemble, the awesome thing about this antenna according to the guys at http://www.dx4.us/ is that no two Moxon are the same!  The physical dimensions certainly are, but how the elements are constructed and suspended varies significantly.

Using the Les Moxon designed antenna while his tower is being built also allows 43DA148 Peter to utilise the direction capabilities of the antenna, something which has already bared fruit since installing it in early October 2012.

Holiday DXer 92/146AT101 in the Arab country of Libya in the Maghreb region of North Africa at 5/9, 233SD102 Dan bordering on the Black Sea in Romania at 5/7, good mate 224DA010 Edward in the remote Gilbert Islands (OC-017) at 5/5, 302SD200 Slava on Sakhalin Island (AS-018) at 5/9+, 133SD156 Alan on Saipan Island (OC-086) in the Northern Marianas at 5/7, and the team for 69BY/0 in Costa Rica at 5/9+, are just a handful of extraordinary stations worked during some massive pileups for Peter in the last 4 days!

With the eleven meter band set to hot up even more in the next few months, let’s hope Peter’s new 2 element Moxon antenna continues to shine!