*DX NEWS* DA-RC Hunters Score BIG with Finistère islands

DA-RC’s sensational Island Tour of Finistère islands has concluded with 476 stations logged from a mammoth seven D.I.F.M. (Diplome des Iles de la France Metropolitaine) islands.

A remarkable weekend DX adventure effort indeed from Phil, Chris, Eric and Fred!  Well done guys!

One of the most satisfying aspects of this exciting Islands Tour for the group was the success of fellow Delta-Alfa DX Hunters with many guys, including some from other continents and no less than 6 DXCC in total, nabbing multiple islands.


Please see the list below of DA-RC members and the number of islands worked…

  • 3DA012 Roger (Brazil) — 7 Islands
  • 13DA110 Uli (Germany) — 4 Islands
  • 14DA007 Chris (France) — 1 Islands
  • 14DA016 Rodolphe (France) — 6 Islands
  • 14DA027 Jean Marc (France) — 2  Islands
  • 14DA028 Phil (France) — 7 Islands
  • 14DA049 Fred (France) — 7 Islands
  • 14DA057 Greg (France) — 7 Islands
  • 14DA911 Eric (France) — 2 Islands
  • 26DA007 Mark (England) — 2 Islands
  • 43DA067 Ian (Australia) — 2 Islands
  • 153DA012 Andre (Thailand) — 3 Islands

Congratulations to the respective DX Hunters on their fantastic achievements and, of course, to the dx adventure team on their wonderful D.I.F.M. activities.

For all the details on this exciting range of dx adventures, including QSL Manager, coordinates, station infos, and more, please click on the corresponding link in the right hand side menu under DA-RC Activities.