*COMING SOON* CQ Eleven World Wide Contest

The 2022 ‘CQ Eleven World Wide Contest’ is locked in for the weekend of Saturday, July 16, and Sunday, July 17 and Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) members are strongly encouraged to participate.

This independently managed contest event was first staged in 2019 and has fast established itself as one of the most important worldwide events dedicated to the 11 meters band.

The ‘CQ Eleven World Wide Contest’ is open to all groups and individual operators, with basic, common sense rules in place and an easy to manage log to facilitate scoring.

Operators are able to register their intent to participate on the Contest website which takes only a few seconds.

Whilst registration for the ‘CQ Eleven World Wide Contest’ is not compulsory, it will enable others to recognize you, decreasing the chances of error.

For more information, such as rules, FAQ, scoring, etc. please check out the ‘CQ Eleven World Wide Contest’ website at https://www.cq11ww.org/.

73 de DA-RC HQ