*DX NEWS* Contribution Rise to $3US

Due to the sudden surge in postage costs from Australia to the rest of the world, most probably Covid generated, the contribution required to guarantee DA-RC QSL card requests are replied by DA-RC HQ Oceania will increase to $3 US effective from July 1, 2021.

Please note that despite this reluctant increase in standard contribution, however, DA-RC HQ Oceania will still operate at a loss across all managerial tasks.

To reply a QSL card to an outside-of-Australia station (e.g. in Europe) requires a stamp costing AUD $3.70.

This is equivalent to roughly US $2.80.

Add to that the cost of 1 x envelope (approx. 10c) and the production cost of each QSL card (approx. 50c) and the estimated cost per QSL reply is AUD $4.30.

This equates to US $3.20, a loss of $0.20 per QSL request – despite the new increase from $2 to $3.

In light of these changes, any QSL packages received by DA-RC HQ Oceania which do not contain at least $3US will be held over until such time that the correct contribution is received.

To minimize QSL exchange costs and time delays, contribution can be paid via PayPal to darren43da001@yahoo.com .

Please be sure to add callsign/s and QSO details to the notes section of your transaction to facilitate the log check.

Thank you for making the necessary changes to your QSL procedures to accommodate this price shift.

73 de DA-RC HQ OC